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When you order your prints from Seven Springs Photo, you can rest assured that you will receive professional prints. We only use professional photo finishing labs. We do not use ink jet, dye-sublimination or any other “instant” type of printing process. Copyright of Photographs Copyright is a property right. Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 (effective January 1, 1978 and amended when the USA joined the Berne Convention in 1989), photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. The images on any Seven Springs Photo web site and all printed photographs purchased through Seven Springs Photo are protected by the Federal Copyright Law. The ownership of the image remains with Seven Springs Photo. When you purchase a print, you are purchasing a single print to display on your wall, desk or photo album. You are not allowed to scan it, take a picture of it or otherwise reproduce or alter it in any way. You cannot use it on a personal web page including, but not limited to, “Facebook”, “MySpace” or any other social networking web sites. You cannot re-sale the picture or use it for publication purposes. When you receive you prints, you can see our photo lab prints our company name, Seven Springs Photo, on the back of each picture. This is there to serve as a sign of ownership of the copyright. If you require or want limited use of electronic images, you can contact us for your needs. We will work with you if you just ask. If you wish to purchase electronic images, they are available in either lo resolution for web sites or high resolution for printing. Price will be determined on file desired and intended usage and are subject to change.

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